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"Next up on Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer support, we have a release which truly shows off the diversity of the label. ‘LLMNT’ by exm is a true display of abstract patterns that will leave you with various little earworms for weeks to come.

It’s always hard to compare artists to others and I hate doing it but If you’d ever listened to Autechre’s last three album offerings and just wished they had slowed down and structured things more rhythmically then this is a must-listen.

Progressing through tracks that will have you questioning how long you’ve actually been immersed in them, it’s easy to get lost in this release with its well-structured dissonance and the artist’s ability to bring background elements to the fore in an instant.

Support Macmillan today and own a piece of awesomely organized noise."

Impressions by anonymity.

Digital: £5
CD: £5

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