False Start (Remixed)


TM08 logreybeam False Start Remixed

All originals written & produced By Gabriel Morley.

"Thank you to all the artists, Alan, Martin, and El."

Artwork by Alan Dougans.
Mastering by Shawn at AudibleOddities.

Dedicated to Janice Marder.

logreybeam's ‘False Start [remixed]’ out on Touched October 21
Proceeds Benefit Macmillan Cancer Support Centers in the UK
(Los Angeles) In a time where ‘good ol’ electronic music’ is a worthy cause in itself, an added bonus comes when an album benefits more than just the ears of a critic. Remixes of logreybeam’s [Gabriel Morley] ‘False Start’ EP is the eighth album in the Touched series, which was created to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support centers in the UK.
While the original EP [released May 2014 on False Industries]  is a return to logreybeam’s electronica roots [e.g. Yasume, remixes for Metamatics and Norken], ‘False Start [remixed]’ departs in various directions -- from ambient/ downtempo and IDM, to tech house and techno.
After opening with Ruxpin’s ethereal, glitchy rendition of Atumnal Tints, the album then makes a respectively deeper, then darker and dirtier turn through Missingsense and Roel Funcken. Exercise One opens a techno stretch with deliciously slow, sludgy beats, Mikael Stavöstrand delivers a rolling bassline + tech-house groove, and Roy E Gamble [another Gabriel Morley alias] offers a preview of what happens when the artist remixes himself. The album winds down with a comparative study on the deconstruction of ‘Reminder’ from  Shiro Fujioka and Tom Roberts -- the latter leaving us with a scape of loveliness, à la classic Global Communication.

Digital: £4

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