Amor Vincit Omnia

Eva Schlegel

TM31 Eva Schlegel Amor Vincit Omnia

"After two recent releases on the Russian netlabel “Southern City’s Lab”, Eva Schelgel thoughtfully turns her hands to the Touched Music cause.

She makes a solid entrance, two opening tracks that remind me of BOC in their simplicity and Global Goon with their quirkiness. “Xibalba” momentarily picks up the pace before we are asked to calm down again with the exit pieces.

“Revival” is one that goes straight on repeat - something I’d happily play an RPG for hours to. Swaying pans and a beat that’s almost not even there wrap up this nice little EP.

I thought I’d left all my down-tempo stuff on the shelf, relegated to those few summer events where an open grill was bound to make an appearance.

“Amor Vincit Omnia” changes that for me, offering up an opportunity to rediscover what I actually liked about the genre - melodies all in the right place, reverb to enlarge and broaden the impact of important events and admittedly hard to execute long fades at the ends of pieces.

And that’s been the second thing I love about Touched - not only is it for an awesome cause, it’s allowed me to hear things I otherwise probably wouldn’t have got round to listening to. Get your copy today, help support Macmillan Cancer Support, get a good feeling and a great piece of work at the same time."

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